Sunday, March 13, 2011

forgive me God...

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone,
But standing before Allah(swt) on the Day of the Judgement is.

The day when each and every individual will stand in front of ALLAH(swt) and will be questioned about his or her deeds.

Let's get back to Islam, before it's too late, let's turn back to Allah(swt) before we turn in to dust and our soul will be in the hands of Allah(swt).

Oh my Rabb, I have destroyed the better part of my life with sins, so have mercy on these wasted years of my life and reform me not tomorrow but today, today and only today Allah.

Remove the darkness of my sins from the previous years from my heart for I cannot carry any longer the weight of such sins and disobedience.

Allah my eyes have been destroyed, my tongue, oh Allah I have been destroyed!

Yet, you never once left me alone, you never once stopped your gaze of love and affection.

Ya Allah, take me out of this worldly trap; I deserve no riches, no fame no honor just YOUR love, YOUR closeness, and YOUR friendship.

For if YOU are mine, all is mine.

If YOU are lost, all is lost.

Allah, how lucky are those who have found You, they live in peace, tranquility, and contentment, knowing that You are pleased with them.

How much longer must I suffer, how much longer must I feel this emptiness within me?

Ya ALLAH forgive me the sins I may have committed in the brightness of the day,

and forgive me the sins I may have committed in the darkness of the night.

Ya Rabbi forgive me for all the sins that I have committed intentionally, and forgive me the sins I may have committed unintentionally.

Please forgive me Ya ALLAH,
please forgive me,

Accept me Ya ALLAH,
accept me.

Become mine YA ALLAH,
become mine.

For I wish I become Yours, YA ALLAH.....I wish to become Yours.

Narrated Anas(R): The Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) said, "Allah says: 'When a servant of Mine draws near to Me, a span, I draw near to him a cubit; and if he draws near to me a cubit, I draw near to him a fathom. And if he comes to me walking, I go to him running.'"

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