Wednesday, March 2, 2011

foolish ego..

writing this entry to someone for someone... may u know who u are mr so- called ego ... i guess its about time for u throw away ur stupid pride ur lame ego and start learning to respect other womens feeling....other wise i'll tell u no matter how "hot" u think u are ... u wont get a chance to have a girl in ur life... miracles can happen ... u might have one but its wether ur one lucky bastard or shes stupid enough to make wise desicion of her own.. dont be to confident about urself... nothing to be proud of .. seriously!!ur arrogance is showing how insecure u are about urself and crushing other peoples emotions and feeling leads u to no where higher from where u are right now..i got 6 letters to describe u .. L-O-O-S--E-R!!!....

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