Wednesday, June 9, 2010

scars dont mark history

My past isn't my scars and i'm not mentally or physically damaged to it. So what if i make stupid decisions in my life??.Y bother???.its not that i would die tomorrow and can't fix anything won't leave a single mark on me coz i believe theres always a remedy to heal it . besides this is what people call it "experiencing" and you'll learn life through your experience...wether you called it a stupid one or a superb one it have been set by GOD..ur destiny....and sometimes it will answer our questions in the most unexpected ways ... I own the flesh but not the spirits and thus i don't have the power to control myself ...i'm a sinner I'll repent,I believe in GOD and He'll forgive...I am at peace with who I am and why I am the way I am.............................

-there's always a light that will lead you to the rights-

Sunday, June 6, 2010

nightmare in crimson!

told u i'll have trouble updating this blog.....hehhehe...btw just to update my recent activities this past few weeks....the weekends were awesome!!! trying to catch up all the box offices movies in cinemas.... so far i've manage to watch Prince of Persia....Dastan turns me on...darn sexy!!.Shrek was ok...but it was quite lame for a final chapter..i was expecting more..however Puss and Donkey remains my favourites of all time:)... Nightmare in Elm's Street...FU**in scary..great movie with lots of laugh...!!!hahhahahah... and yes i watched Freddy Krueger with Tasha in sunway....we were expecting to get our asses scared so we decided to go and watch it during worked... freaking creepy when we were lost looking for my car...we were rather confused coz the lights in the mall was dimmed and we actually parked quite far from the cinema...and suddenly we felt like we were somehow in d movie.. running around the long hallway...singing "1 ,2 Freddy's coming for you !!" ..and screaming like complete idiots..:p...never the less it effected my sleep ... hahahha i had nightmares that night....damn u FREDDY!!!

-me n tasha-

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For GOD sake plz stop blathering!! you talk almost nothing but rubbish and shits!!!! Do I look like an idiot 2 u???!! do I thi