Thursday, February 17, 2011

shit happens!!!

salam satu malaysia.....!!! hahaha ....just feeling a bit hyper tonight.. thought of doing my laundry but things turns out not accordingly to what i had planned.. hate it when it happen..damn!!!ooops sorry.. i cursed too much.. perhaps within this week i've cursed more than a thousand time... its just not me.. pls dun get me wrong.. its the only way for me to let off my stress.. YES... i 'm too stressed up.. shit happens for no reason and it'll keep haunting me on and on ... im on a trial break up for real. long can it go.. im still unsure about it... still putting hopes that by the time we reunite, he'll be honest about his feelings and our relationship as well ..but if it doesnt work ... than maybe its about time for me to find a person who is an absolutely a dearest darling of a real man..big SIGH:(

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